Relax on parking rules

Senior year is the breaking point for high school students for they are on the brink of making some of the biggest decisions of their lives. For many students and their parents, the prior three years of high school went by in the blink of an eye, and senior year will be no different. Navigating through their final year of high school can be difficult at first due to the building up of stress at the thought of college applications and exams.

With a lot of nerves and high expectations, they hope for their final year to be the “best year ever.”
However, this is no longer an option for the 2017 graduating class. In the past few weeks, the number of tickets given to students has increased dramatically.

With parking tickets being given out every day like candy, students have a whole new issue to worry about. Thus, having more added to their plate that is already increasingly overflowing.

Some students simply just want to wake up and go to school. Not having to worry about the possibility of receiving a parking ticket on their windshield as the school day ends. In addition to this, some simply run late to school.

And due to these recent stricture administration regulations, they disallow students to save time and make it on time to their classes. Thus, disrupting their learning.
Many of the students are upset and angry that the administration would go this far to make sure that people who can’t park there, don’t park there.

The school needs to understand the many struggles that upperclassman is already going through, from difficult IB classes to extracurriculars. They sometimes do not have the time to park in their designated area.