The AWC is writing a path to success for countless students

The Atoms Writing Center is constantly excelling in helping Annandale’s students succeed in their writing. Many students struggle with the essays that their English teachers assign to them. The Atoms Writing Center allows for the opportunity to get help with essays that are causing people trouble.

Without a center like the AWC, students may feel helpless in terms of their writing. Writing essays requires extensive thought and time. Countless students are struggling with their writing and can’t always rely on their English teachers because of how busy they can be.

With teacher support not being an option at times, this can leave students without reliable help for essays that are worth many points. This puts an immense amount of stress on students who have a hard time with writing and this can lead to feelings of discouragement.

The AWC prevents feelings like this from forming within students. The AWC consists of outstanding Annandale students who excel in writing and who are willing to lend some of their insight to peers asking for help.

“My OEA paragraph was getting harder and harder to write, but once I paid a trip to the Atoms Writing Center, my tutor was able to help tremendously,” junior Hayat Sherif said.

The AWC also helps with homework from other courses. Students can have internal assessments and historical investigations looked at by tutees.

These volunteering students don’t ask for thank you’s but they definitely deserve it. They take time out of their days to support their fellow peers who would like a gentle push in the right direction.

Not only do the people in AWC provide helpful feedback to other students’ essays, but they are able to instill confidence in their tutees. The AWC’s constructive criticism does not make fun of someone’s writing but rather encourages it.

It is extremely important to give honest feedback on someone who is requesting it, but it is also important to deliver it with respect. Damaging a person’s confidence in their writing can have long-lasting effects and the AWC is careful to never do this.

The AWC has been continuously helpful towards students who need it and their work has not gone unnoticed.