A Day in the life of… Senior Grant Gittins


IB student Grant Gittins balances school, sports, and life.

Gittins is involved in many sports. He coaches po the fall and plays powderpuff basketball in the winter with practices everyday for two hours. He plays sports at Ossian with his friends in his free time.

Gittins is a member of the National Honor Society and the Social Studies Honor Society.

He also is in Annandale Bible Study.

He is trying to re-start the ping pong club, because the ping pong club is a good way to de-stress, relax and refresh with friends. Partaking in similar activities is necessary for student life. Without such activities students will be mentally and emotionally exhausted. Clubs and sports provide this necessity for many students.

He takes IB Anthropology, IB Math Studies, IB Topics and IB English, but is not going for the full diploma, still a challenging schedule.

“I don’t feel stressed, because the work isn’t that hard,” Gittins said.