Is Pokemon Go just a fad, or is it here to stay?

Is the game really going to last?


What comes to mind when hearing the phrase Got to Catch Them All?

The world famous game, Pokemon Go, is participated by millions of players all around the realm, even attracting individuals who typically do not partake in the gaming frenzy.

While the game is currently still trending, many do not have high hopes in its current status in the online world.

But how did the game gain its instant popularity?

It may be because Pokemon has been around since the 1990s, already making a respectable name for itself.

Furthermore, perhaps it is due to the fact that it is purposely designed to attract all age groups, making the app easily enjoyable in the eyes of both children and adults.

During the early weeks of the game first being released, it demolished the Apple App Store record, according to Fortune 500.

Whereas the previous top games, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Angry Birds 2, fall from their high pedestals, having their spots stolen to Pokemon Go.

The main goal that the makers of the game had while developing it was to have players out of the house, instead of constantly being trapped in front of their screens.

“The more you move, the more you level up,” junior Holly Ramia said.

In this case, as you level up, you will be able to catch higher CP points for your Pokemon, and be able to battle them at local gyms.

The game forces players to leave their homes, even compelling them to exercise and interact with the real world.

It gets people out there to explore their surroundings, something that they would not have done otherwise.

The more miles you walk, the more you win.

Despite all these positive attributes of the game, many question whether its popularity will last.

Perhaps, it will fade out like previous games, such as Temple Run.

Or will it keep its title as the #1 trending game that everyone must download?

“I think it’s a fad because there’s always going to be something to replace it in the medias eyes,” Ramia said.

The game was released in the summer, right in the moment when all students have free time.

However, as school begins the game is quickly forgotten.

It’s only memory being a fun activity to make a it summer.

“It’s probably going to die down, just give it a couple more months,” sophomore Chelsey Robles said.

Similar to all fads, they eventually die off, being replaced by something better.

“It’s a one hit wonder like Hotline Bling or Call Me Maybe,” sophomore Ephrata Yohannes said.

All and all, the game has been around for months, already catching the eyes of millions.

Most likely it will not die off anytime soon, unless something up and coming is on its way to make its surprise appearance.

Despite this fact, the opinions of many contradict.

Quite possibly, due to the overwhelming negative responses of the game, it will unexpectedly be a one hit wonder.