Registering to Vote

Registering to Vote

Senior Robert Figley turned 18 in early September, just in time to exercise his 15th amendment rights this November.

“Trump is crazy, but I haven’t decided who I’ll vote for, but it will most likely be a third party member,” Figley said.

Like many other teens, the privilege to have a say in who will be the next leader of the free world is a big responsibility and one that Figley doesn’t take lightly.

He has kept up with both candidates campaigns in an effort to make the most informed vote.

“Neither [Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton] seem like a perfect fit for presidency,” Figley said. “They both have very large weaknesses and aspects of their campaign that I don’t agree with.”

Although Figley is unsure of which candidate will earn his definite support this November, he is in the process of registering to vote and looks forward to getting to the polls in a few weeks and helping to impact the future of America.

“It’s an honor,” Figley said. “Voting isn’t a universal right so it’s something I don’t want to take for granted.”