Why Clinton should win


Hillary Clinton has a great chance of becoming the brand-new face of the “Free World.” Many support her due to the fact that she’s the ideal leader for America.

Her personality, past experience and responsibility are some of the reasons why she is the candidate to vote for in this year’s election.

In any event, the advantages of having an intelligent individual like Hillary Clinton as president would provide an infinite amount of benefits to the nation.

She will be cherished as someone who dramatically strengthened our country during this decade.

“Clinton is able to break barriers,” sophomore Sam Phan said, “helping others realize that women can do just about anything men can.”

Hillary Clinton has revealed to the world of what she is capable  doing.

She makes an impression with a decades-long political career.

Her experience as former Secretary of State and as the first lady shows that she is well qualified for the job.

Not only is she capable of completing the job, her personality makes her compatable.

She is ambitious and dutiful, the exemplary figure of what a President needs to be.

Once Clinton is elected, future generations will grow up with an altered view of what a woman with purpose and persistence can do.

Her role in gender equality will counterweight years of male supremacy.

As time progresses, hopefully America will continue to morph into a country that breaks barriers of stereotypes and discrimination from our first African American president to a strong woman as the next president.

Clinton recognizes issues and provides solutions, taking into consideration the impacts and benefits they will bring to the American people.

She does not just focus on the wealthy people in America, but she recognizes the majority of the working class.

She has also taken into consideration on what a large number of the people in America are; mmigrants.

Her Republican candidate, Donald Trump, is a wealthy entrepreneur, who is known for his own reality show “The Apprentice.

That in itself should demonstrate who is the most qualified  the job as President between the two.

“He doesn’t have much experience in the politics scene,” sophomore Hoang Tran said, “The way he thinks he can handle this job is ridiculous.”

“Clinton is overlooked from what she can do for America all because of one email scandal in the past,” Phan said.

She had a lapse in judgement at the time of making her mistake, she understands her wrongdoings and shows deep remorse for them.

Despite this, these mistakes are continually brought up and used against her.

“Everyone makes mistakes in their lives because they are human,” Senior Kevin Huynh said, “Hillary Clinton is no exception.”

She has set a proper example by acknowledging her mistakes and learning from her mistakes.

Unlike Trump, Clinton takes responsibility for her actions and does not constantly deny the truth.

“The past is the past,” sophomore Ginger Mendez said, “people need to forgive and forget.”

Hillay Clinton is the most experianced and ideal represinative in this campaign. She has acknowldged her past mistkaes and will use her experience to create a stonger America.