Should teens date in high school -Yes

Casey Nguyen, Staff Writer

Love and attraction can be strange and mysterious concepts, particularly while you are in high school. We are still in the prime years of our lives, barely understanding the true meanings of intimacy and responsibility.

Our whole future awaits us. As we wait, we attempt to find ways to pass the time. Whether it’s  by taking challenging academic courses, extracurricular activities, and sports. Some have the opportunity to fill their time by spending it with the person they love.

When you find someone who loves and cherishes you in return, the adrenaline of feelings creates an unforgettable happiness and euphoria.

Love strikes people constantly, churning on their feelings of bliss, optimism, and patience. One is infused with energy, excited to discover and do new things and the smallest of things causes so much joy.

Even if it may be temporary and not the everlasting love every person dreams of. For each boy and girl, they may have a few admires and crushes throughout all four years.

Every love should be given a chance to see if they could be their one and only. Although, feelings may be confusing and change, our adolescent state makes us vulnerable to mistakes. But what is life without taking a few chances? What’s living without taking a little risk?

A teenager’s love life kickstarts in high school with different experiences and a new perspective on what love could be.

Their heads clouded by hormones and giddy romance, they oftentimes make the mistake of rushing into situations to become mature. All are characterized as reckless and impulsive, making choices without thinking of the consequences. Despite what they may believe, this is not always the case.

Maturity varies between people, not everybody is exactly alike. One teenager’s mindset and goals could be different in contrast to another.

The same thing goes for high school dating. It has no routine, no pattern, and no habit. It is a different experience for everyone that has the chance to go through it.  

Everybody’s first love is one many dreams will last a lifetime.

Although, candidly speaking: many high school sweethearts end up breaking up at some point in time., there are a few strong relationships.

It isn’t impossible to have a long, serious relationship as long as you and the one you love are equally committed.

Though, the general perception is that high school romances likely end when they go to college. The long-distance could ruin it all for some.

However, high school is the time that a person will remember and cherish forever. That special someone could greatly enhance the enjoyment of the high school experience.

Besides, relationships do not always have to be serious, especially at this young age. We are still learning the ups and downs of love, something we still may not completely understand when we age.

We are still learning to navigate relationships that are not serious – for fun. Relationships will come and go, but your high school experience is never going to change.

Every experience that happens during high school prepares us for our future. Whether it was being too afraid to ask your crush to homecoming or that test you bombed because you binge-watched “Grey’s Anatomy” all night.

We can never go back and press ‘rewind’ to our high school years. No regrets. That’s the goal you want to achieve by the time you walk across that stage to receive your diploma, that you did everything you could and would do.

By making mistakes and learning from them now, we could better prepare ourselves for future obstacles later in our lives.   

During this stressful period in your life, you need to sometimes let go. Be open to trying new experiences and actually living your life instead of being holed up in your bed doing homework every night.

There will be heartbreaks along the way with ups and downs. No relationship is ever perfect but we should focus on the present and whomever you may love now.

You only live once and will never be this age again. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.