Struggling to study?

A quick list of resources to help with studying

One of the top reasons that people cheat is not because they are bad people with no morals. Sometimes, people do not have the study skills or knowledge to help them succeed on their own.

Whether one has focus issues or does not understand a concept in class, some people just have a lot of trouble sitting down and preparing for a test.

Thankfully, at there are many resources to help people who need additional support.

1 The Atoms Writing Center

The AWC is a club that is supported by the Advanced Composition class.

The club offers peer tutors who are available to help students edit and revise writing assignments for all classes.

The peer tutors also run workshops on different topics, such as preparation for SOLs and grammar.

Additionally, the website has blogs that give quick tips on similar topics, like the use of punctuation.

Tutors are available to help fellow students during W4, red day lunches, and after school on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Workshops are held every couple weeks.

2 Honor Societies

National Social Studies Honor Society is an honors society that is comprised of the top science students at the school.

The club offers help on all work related to science classes.

Math Honors Societies is another honors society that is always offering to help students with homework and other assignments for math class.

If you are seeking help, you should feel free to talk to your teacher or approach a student that is in one of these clubs to aid you.

3 Give Tutoring

Another great tutoring opportunity that is offered in the community is GIVE tutoring.

Held at multiple different libraries and community centers across the Northern Virginia region, GIVE allows students in the area to seek aid from high school volunteers.

Students of all ages and grades can visit the GIVE website to find convenient locations and times to visit and get help on assignments for all subjects.