Janine Impat’s experience in the Philippines


Janine Impat

Janine Impat visits the Cagsawa Ruins.

Frances Montevilla, In-Depth Editor

Senior Janine Impat traveled to the Philippines from July 27 to Aug. 23. During this time, she was able to visit several historical attractions.

For example, the Cagsawa Ruins was a church in the 1500s but was burnt down, so what Impat saw was the only remnants that the mayor preserved from the 1910s until now. Behind the ruins is the Mayon Volcano, one of the tallest in the world. “Although you can’t see it in the photo, it was huge when we got there,” Impat said.

Impat also visited the entrance to Anahawan Hot Springs, also known as Mainit, or “Hot” in Tagalog. According to Impat, it’s like a local hot springs in Anahawan, Southern Leyte, Philippines.

“We were on our way back to our hometown after we visited relatives in the province,” Impat said. “We happened to stumble upon this hot spring resorts and it was super nice.”

The reason why Impat and her family traveled to the Philippines was to visit relatives and places, since they haven’t gone out of the country for 8 years.