Who am I?


I was born in.. 

Boston, Massachusetts.

I went to school at..

 Tufts University (Undergraduate) & Boston University (Master’s)

What are some of your favorite movies/books/tv-shows ..

My *current* my favorite book is Dune by Frank Herbert, Breaking Bad is my favorite show of all time, and I am watching Atlanta at the moment.

How many years have you been teaching.. 

This is technically my first year teaching and my second year at Annandale!

What do you do for fun outside of school..

 I love to cook (especially fish dishes), ride my bike, play pickup basketball/soccer and read!

fun fact about yourself.. 

I have a twin brother who is also a teacher in Falls Church.

what grade do you teach and the subject..

I teach 9th grade English.

Are you part of any club/activity in Annandale..

 I am a senior class sponsor.

Why did you decide to start teaching?

 I had a few teachers in my life who had a huge impact on me and helped me express myself through writing. I would love to help someone find their voice as a writer just like my teachers did!


This AHS staff Member is Mr.Cabutt!