Shafia Khan’s no-phone vacation to Pakistan


Shafia Khan

The Korangi Creek is located in the Sindh Province of Karachi.

Frances Montevilla, In-Depth Editor

Senior Shafia Khan traveled to Pakistan from July 28 to Aug. 22. During this time, she was able to visit many landscapes and attractions.

However, unlike most vacation trips where people can take random pictures every couple of minutes, Khan has to fight this urge. Being a developing country, poverty can be seen developing in different regions throughout Pakistan. For that reason, it is common for phones to be snatched right out of your hands by someone on the street. “I don’t have many photos in public because it would be too dangerous to take a high-quality phone out in public,” Khan said. The only person that was able to take a picture and risk their phone was Khan’s mother.

Khan stayed in a family house located in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan known as“The City of Lights,” where her family’s house was located. Although Karachi is the most populous city in the country, it also has the highest crime rates.

In the picture, it is a view of a place called Korangi Creek, a Pakistani Air Force military base in the Sindh Province of Karachi. The Creek has an open beach and holds many activities for visitors to do, such as golfing and going to the water park. Khan was able to go jet skiing while visiting.

The main reason why Khan and her family traveled to Pakistan was to visit her grandmother who has been having fluctuating health issues. Nevertheless, Khan was able
to enjoy the beautiful country of Pakistan by going on a phone detox that allowed her to connect back to her roots.