Why wasn’t there a career fair this year?


Last year a career fair was held to give students a welcome tour at which path to take.

There is a yearly career fair that takes place at Annandale near the springtime. Students have the opportunity to learn about different careers that they may want to partake in in the future.
Due to covid, the career fair has been canceled this year and students will not be able to attend an in-person career fair. Luckily, there have been virtual career fairs that have taken place within the past couple of weeks.
“I want to the career fair and it was a really knowledgeable experience because it helps me become more informed about jobs that I never really thought I would work in, but now seem more attainable,” sophomore Ruftana Beyene said.
What you would see in the in-person career fair is various stands set up for you to approach and learn about such as a military worker, an artist and much more.
It is a great way to engage students and help them start thinking about what future career path they might want to go down. They offer them a brief introduction of what their day-to-day life may look like in this career and the benefits from it.
“I attended last year’s career fair and it was very useful because I never really thought about what I want to be in the future but this really got my mind thinking,” sophomore Ellie Davis said.
The career fair also promoted different clubs and activities that students could enroll in. It was all about engaging students and helping them get more involved within the community.
Many internships are presented during this event so that students can get a feel of what jobs they may want to work in without actually committing to it. It is a great way to build up your resume and become aware of what opportunities you could potentially utilize in the future.
“Since I’m graduating soon this event really helped open my eyes and helped me realize that there are a lot of great jobs out there that I could possibly work in the future,” junior Hana Wasuge said.
“I’m really bummed that they’re not having an in-person fair this year but I’m looking forward to what next year holds.”