Students start their own local businesses

Take a look at how these students make their money

Ishat Hannan

Handmade crocheted items
Hannan holds an array of colorful crocheted bees that she made.

Senior Ishat Hannan runs a small business called “Handmade by Ishat,” where she sells handmade crocheted goods. Hannan, who had started her business during the pandemic due to free time, wants to share her adorable creations with others and hopefully make them happy with the things that she crochets. The generous business owner also donates part of the proceeds to those in need and local charities when she can. Her shop’s best seller so far has been her plush bees that you can purchase in a variety of colors of your choosing. Hannan is selling her bee plushies for $20 and crocheted shoulder bags for $25. On special occasions, she also releases festive collections of her products. In the near future, she is planning on featuring new types of crochet plushies in her shop. As of now, the methods of payments that she is accepting are cash and payments through Zelle. Customers who order from “Handmade by Ishat” have the option of picking up their order or having it shipped to them. If you are an AHS student who buys from Hannan, she can also personally deliver your order to you at school. For inquiries and orders, anyone can contact Hannan on Instagram @handmadebyishat.

Sherlin Amaya

Sweet treats and baked goods
“This is one of my favorite orders since it was for a very wholesome occasion,” Amaya said.

Senior Sherlin Amaya, an avid and longtime baker, has been running her own dessert and edible arrangement business for several months now, starting during the pandemic as a way to make extra money for herself. What started as a love for baking for friends grew into an extremely successful business for Amaya that has branched out beyond just her social circle and taught her useful communication skills, particularly online. Amaya enjoys the fact that she is able to be a part of special moments for people, such as birthdays, proposals and baby showers. Amaya sells delicious products such as chocolate hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry brownies and more that are perfect to share with loved ones. Every product comes with cute packaging to fit every occasion for her customers. Amaya does primarily focus on strawberries as her specialty, due to their popularity with her customers, but still sells other products. Amaya’s products range from about $35 to $100 being her most expensive item and she offers both pickups and delivery for orders, costing extra depending on the distance. For inquiries, orders and to see more of Amaya’s sugary creations anyone can contact Amaya on Instagram @dayanara_sweets

Zack Pacak

Lawn care services
The finished product of one of Pacak’s client’s freshly mulched garden.

Senior Zack Pacak started his lawn care service business in 2020 during the pandemic due to free time during virtual learning. Pacak had a bit of experience in business when he would build websites in 2018, but moved on to lawn care due to him enjoying spending time outside and being physically active. Pacak also noted the demand for lawn care services in Northern Virginia and saw an opportunity for future growth of his business. Through his business, Pacak was able to develop many valuable business skills such as customer service and management, leadership, equipment maintenance, money management, and much more. Additionally, as he is self-employed, Pacak enjoys being his own boss and being in charge of his work schedule. Pacak’s business offers lawn mowing, weeding, mulching, bush trimming, power washing and small tree trimming. The prices of these services vary depending on size of yard, with an average of about $40 for most lawns. If interested in his services, contact him at (703) 655-3131 or email him at [email protected]