4 Clubs for student activists



The Annandale Equity Team is a coalition of students, faculty, administration, and community members that work collaboratively to create a culture that embraces and respects students from all identities; the transformation of procedures, policies, and pedagogies; and cultural responsiveness in the allocation of resources in order to promote success for students from historically underserved backgrounds. Our coalition goes beyond our specific committees but also the FCPS Student Equity Ambassador Leaders and Superintendent Advisory Council.


Green Atoms

Green Atoms is the environmental club at AHS. They meet every Wednesday, after school, to go on recycling routes around the school. On these routes they go into almost every room in the building to collect the recycling that would otherwise be thrown into the garbage. This year, they have plans to run fundraisers, food and clothing drives and go on field trips to help clean up different locations. This club is a great way to get involved in the community, help the environment, and earn community service hours.


Just World

Just World is a club that strives to promote peace and unity throughout the world. Our mission is to encourage students to not only contribute to their local community, but also the global community. Through our actions and activities, we are working towards making a global impact through service. We hope to raise awareness about issues around the world and diverse cultures to help create a more peaceful and just world!


Atoms for Humanity

Atoms for Humanity is student-led humanitarian club that works toward raising money and making healthcare accessible globally. This effort is done by local fundraisers in the Annandale community and all donations are made to the Blossom Together organization. The coalition of medical students at the university of Virginia annually preform FREE cataract surgeries in West African countries. If you are interested in joining reach out to Mr. Maglisceau @[email protected]