Approaching political views in high school relationships


In high school, having a partner can be a great experience allowing teenagers to grow, care and begin to learn the foundations of healthy relationships with one another. It also allows teenagers to discover more about their sexuality, and who and what they are attracted to. Growing up is all about discovering who you are. As you grow you discover what you want and need in relationships. It is key to develop aspects of a healthy relationship in your youth as they shape how you treat and approach relationships into your adulthood.
When you choose a partner you are choosing someone who reflects you. Who you associate with and spend your time with is a reflection of your morals. Choosing a partner with racist, homophobic or bigoted beliefs is a reflection of yourself. You should not have a partner you have to convince not to say slurs. Simple.
There is a clear difference between a person who is looking to educate themselves and a person who won’t say slurs around his girl because he knows she will go off on him for it.
While I believe we should not blame the partner for someone’s racist, homophobic or questionable beliefs. Associating with someone who thinks any of those things are okay in the slightest is showing a major reflection of who you are.
Entering a new relationship can shield you from your partner’s flaws. You might get tunnel vision and dismiss any questionable aspects of your partner because of your strong feelings for them. Maybe this is your first relationship and you are caught up in the fact that you finally have a partner and you don’t want to ruin that. If you are the type of person who has very strong views and is passionate about what they believe in, you mustn’t lose that side of yourself for anyone.
Taking strides for better communication helps you avoid a partner who doesn’t reflect your views. Start by asking your partner questions about their beliefs. First, evaluate your views and where you stand and cultivate your opinions. From there ask your partner their thoughts on a range of issues. You don’t have to agree on everything, especially in this political climate but
There are many fundamental opinions of a person you need to learn about and agree with to have a healthy relationship.
Try opening up the conversation to topics like climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, bodily autonomy and racial injustice to gauge where your partner might stand. It is vital to learn how to communicate healthily so remember to stay open-minded, courteous and respectful of your partner’s views.
It’s hard to find a partner and even harder to find a partner that shares the same beliefs as you, but any relationship when the couple is very different people is not a sustainable one. It may take time but it’s important to find someone who will support you in every way possible including what you believe in.