Nova neighborhood light Displays not to miss

local displays worth the drive


Driving by and visiting local light displays have always been a favorite holiday activity. These close-by neighborhood light displays create very memorable holiday experiences for friends and families.
The Covid-19 Pandemic had sparked the demand for a socially distant holiday activity, which has made local light shows the perfect festive activity and has soared in popularity in recent years. With the rising popularity, many of the local light display hosts have outdone themselves, topping their already extravagant displays with even more detail and decorations creating incredible experiences for their audiences viewing.
As many teenagers begin to drive, stopping by these extraordinary light shows are perfect and festive experiences for the new drivers to partake in. With the furthest drive being only a short 25 minutes away from Annandale, the other close by in Springfield, and 2 of the other displays right here in Annandale, the displays are more than worth the short trip.
These intricate light shows with a range of displays will be sure to grab your attention.
The display on 2507 Fairview Dr, Alexandria even has a path to walk through the house’s drive-through and enjoy all the display has to offer and get to see all the display has to offer.
There is something very different in every single display. The attention to detail at each house shows the meticulous efforts put into each display. From the colorful tunnels, lights sequined to music, hundreds of candy canes in trees, inflatable holiday characters, and even a singing light-up baby yoga at the house at 7417 Hogarth, St, in Springfield, there is something so special and unique to each and every single one of these displays and more than worth the visit.

2507 Fairview Dr. Alexandria


8505 Forest St. Annandale

3912 LincolnShire St. Annandale


7417, Hogarth St. Springfield