Public Safety Cadets Wrap Gifts at Mosaic District


This holiday season there’s no need to present your family with your crunched, ripped, and battered attempts at gift wrapping. For a small price you can get your gifts wrapped for you by the Public Safety Cadets of Unit 505.

This year Unit 505 has decided to partner with Eden, the management company of the Mosaic District, to provide gift wrapping services. 

Officer David Curcio, the SRO officer at AHS,  is the lead mentor for the Public Safety Cadet program. “Part of the PSC program is to teach young people leadership/organizational skills – I found this to be a great opportunity for some of the PSCs in leadership to showcase their skills,” Curcio said.

The Gift Wrapping Station is located at the bottom floor of the Target Building at 2905 District Ave, right next to Santa.

As far as prices go, the gift wrappers are asking for $3 for small gifts, $5 for medium gifts, and $10 for large gifts. All proceeds go straight to Unit 505. “We have a diverse group of students from many different socioeconomic backgrounds…” Curcio said “..the donations help offset costs for those PSCs (Public Safety Cadets) who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford participating in competitions, trips, etc.”.

Taking your gifts to the wrapping station is not only beneficial to you but also for the Cadets. “We use the

funds to cover registration fees, uniform costs, entry fees, transportation costs, etc. to allow more youth to fully participate in the program,” said Curcio.

Another good reason to take your gifts to the Cadets is if you just don’t know how to wrap them. “…this past Saturday we had two LARGE teddy bears that we were able to wrap after putting them in large shipping boxes donated by Target,” said Curcio.

The Public Safety Cadets participated in a gift wrapping training session held during one of their meetings. They continued to work on their wrapping skills during downtime between customers once the station was up and running. 

The wrapping station has been open every Friday and Saturday since Nov. 25th. Their last day open is Friday, Dec. 23rd and they’ll be open from 5pm-9pm.