The ‘No Pass List’

new school rule blocks certain students from leaving the classroom

In an email to staff from Principal Shawn DeRose sent in early March, staff were informed of the new “No pass list.” The “No pass list” is a list that revokes certain students hall pass privileges and ability to leave the classroom once the period has started, even including trips to the bathroom.
The students on the list have had this privilege removed for the 4 weeks of March and will continue until the end of the month.
The certain students received a spot on the list due to an excessive amount of CUT periods. A period marked CUT is when a student leaves class and does not return.
Teachers and admins with students on the “No pass list” have been informed in early March in an email which includes the student’s school photo, full name and ID number.
The parents of these students have been contacted by the administration to inform them about their child’s CUT periods and privilege revokal.
If a student insists on an emergency and needs to leave the classroom but is on the “No pass list,” that student will have to wait for their teacher to call the office to have a staff member escort that student wherever they need to go.
“Someone in one of my classes is on the ‘No Pass List’, he is always denied whenever he asks to use the bathroom. I feel like this new rule isn’t a revokal of privilege but an example of the school denying students rights.” Junior Anaya Thompson said.
“The school loves to pick and choose when and where we have to act like adults, and uses it solely to their advantage. In the real world no employer is going to deny their employee the right to use the bathroom because of their performance. It’s just about controlling students at this point.”