School lunches become segregated


Students have noticed lunches at AHS becoming increasingly segregated.

As you walk down the halls of Annandale High School, you see hundreds of different countries and races represented. At AHS, we have hundreds of students at each lunch, but some students feel like the lunch room isn’t as diverse as the school is.

“All of the minority people stick together, and they don’t like going out of their group because they are comfortable,” said senior Omar Abdularhim. People sit together based on their culture and background, so they have something common to talk about.

But not all students feel that the cafeteria is radically divided. “At all my lunches I sit with a lot of different people and races” freshman Natalie Jones said. AHS is so diverse that you are bound to find people that you get along with that are not necessarily the same race or from the same background as you.

“If you look around the cafeteria, it’s not really segregated,” Jones said. There are many different reasons people sit with who they do and do not sit with, and in the end, it depends on the person. Some people see the school as segregated, while others just see it as them sitting with their friends.