American Stories: Sophomore Aysha Rayaz’s experience of moving to the U.S. from Dubai

Dubai, my city where I was born is one of the most amazing and
developing cities. It is one of the best countries.
However the year 2016 brought a huge change in my life when I got the
visa to the United States.
My father has his own business here and because of his job my family
and I shifted here which made all of us really happy. However, leaving
Dubai was one of the hardest decisions my family has ever made.
We all were going through tough times and it was really difficult to
even think of leaving Dubai. It was like leaving everything behind and
moving forward. We had no other option other than coming to the United
States. My siblings were really excited to move here but I was going
through a lot of mixed emotions.
But somehow I always wanted to visit the United States as it is one of
the developing countries with greatest technology and a really good
place for education.
I always had a dream of going to United States and getting admission
in the Harvard university, which is one of the best universities in
the United States.
When I first came to United States I was really fascinated by the
nature and the beauty of this country because Dubai is a whole
different country where there are huge building and no nature around
there but compared to US I really liked the natural beauty over here.
But after spending fifteen years in Dubai, our family moved to a
totally different environment. This I knew would be my toughest
challenge to date.
When I joined school I saw students over here don’t have a certain
dress code which really bothered me.
Another thing which bothered me was the American style of teaching was
completely different from the school I went to was a British
curriculum and everything over there was totally different from here.
After a few weeks of school, everything seemed okay and I was getting
a bit more comfortable with the lifestyle of this school.
The teachers were super sweet and helpful, the people here where
really polite and really helpful.
I felt comfortable with the mixed group of people.  This school and
country made me a really confident person and it had a great impact on
I am very glad and happy to be in this great country getting the best
education with all the medical facilities at a greater range with the
latest technology.
I am a sophomore and it has almost been a year since I came to this
country. As I look back, I still miss my home country the United Arab
If  I would have ever been given a choice to choose  the United Arab
Emirates or United States it would be the most difficult choice to