Junior Kenzie Gardner reminisces about time in Scotland

Standing atop the high castles of Scotland, junior Kenzie Gardner took in the country’s endless, green landscape. For one week she visited the many attractions that Scotland had to offer, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the Scottish Highlands. Gardner was staggered not only by the little differences in culture but also by the sheer quantity of sights and activities that were exclusively there.

“Edinburgh is mostly a popular city, much similar to London or Paris since it also gets very crowded with people,” Gardner said. The city is best known for its ancient castles and fortresses. It is a lavish city lined with colorful gardens and elegant shops, including a vast number department stores that are not found in the United States.

Not only was Gardner impressed by the country’s deep roots in history placed in the castles, but also by the simplicity of a local’s farm she visited. There she saw animals, such as Border Collie puppies, goat, and sheep.

“The man used a tool to shed the sheep’s fur off after many months of growing,” Gardner said.

However, the country is not all farmland and rural parts.

Gardner appreciated her time in the country that contained both crowded cities and tons of farmland and hopes to visit again in the near future.