Sophomore Samantha Rodriguez travels to Cancun, Mexico

From dusk till dawn, a sense of serenity is exactly what a five-day trip to Cancun, Mexico gave sophomore Samantha Rodriguez. Blessed with warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and near perfect weather, Cancun’s many resorts were a temptation the Rodriguez family could not resist. Rodriguez spent her days tanning under the sun’s warm rays while exploring the sparkling, crystal clear waters that is the very reason that makes for the destination’s popularity.

Rodriguez stated that she stayed at a resort called “Villas del Palmar”. There, she got to experience the cultural roots of Mexico from being served the finest cuisine and from overall the provided entertainment.

“There were dance shows that had music showing traditional dances [and] Mariachi bands singing and fresh traditional food,” Rodriguez said.

Her most favorite memory of her time spent in Cancun was a Mexican fiesta and dinner cruise at the “Xoximilco”. Similar to a gondola in Venice, the means of transportation comes from a unique trajinera boat that captured Rodriguez’s mind. She was amazed at the 25-dish dinner and the overall ambiance of the place for it channeled the Mexican culture, customs, music, and food.

Rodriguez hopes to one day visit the vibrant city to once again experience its beauty and grandeur.