Social media considered a way for online communication

Interactions with others gains positivity

Instagram, Twitter and Tik tok are known 
for the most used social media platforms

Instagram, Twitter and Tik tok are known for the most used social media platforms

The engagement with others in social media can generate positive feelings especially with the Covid-19 pandemic limiting in person interactions with one another.

There are pros and cons to social media. The real challenge occurs when digital media leads users to dark places.
Social media can easily lead young people to places where they are not connecting with people but rather becoming more self isolated around loved ones.

“Social media helps us connect more with people, have fun, be creative, inform and spread awareness about
many things.” freshman Stephanie Perez Claure said.

Social media helps create a platform for users to share stories, inform others and spread awareness about problems that are going on in the world globally. Since the pandemic, the only way to communicate with others was through calls and text messages.

It was difficult to keep in touch with people who moved away. However, when people did have the opportunity to stay in touch with their loved ones, it left a positive effect on their mental health and boosted the engagement in social media.

The media gives teenagers the chance to express themselves in a safe environmental place. Social media gives teens an opportunity to build their identities and express what they love to others.

Through the media, teenagers are able to find similar students who relate to them and share their thoughts and soon build a friendship where they have someone they can talk to freely without hesitating to send a text to them. This widens the circle of friends.

Social media also helps teenagers engage in venting how they feel to others if they struggle to tell someone in person without feeling judged.

The more interaction with teenagers explaining their thoughts and feelings, depression, anxiety and any pressure if lifted from their shoulders. This considers social media as a place where people are able to experience positive conversations.

“Social media lets me stay connected with friends and family either close or afar. It’s also a great way to express you and your thoughts and opinions.” freshman Saron Amdemeskel said.

Teenagers are able to use social media to speak about what goes on in their head, their thoughts and inside feelings such as participating in therapy sessions virtually and in person. By constantly participating in social media conversations, this takes away the socially awkward interactions they do in person.

Teenagers who are shy and feel anxious in social gatherings have social media allowing them to learn social
skills. They feel less stress in these interactions with their peers. Social media is helping young adults find acceptance and allows them to spread social awareness and kindness. Engaging with others eases stress, anxiety and depression.

This boosts self worth and provides comfort and joy. The reason why social media can be considered a positive place for teenagers and is helping them engage more with others is that it’s something they enjoy being a part of .

For teenagers, it’s considered an escape from everyday life.