Students celebrate on “atomic day”

Togas, painted faces, and floods of red and white were evident in the Annandale High School hallways on Friday, October 15th to celebrate the last day of Homecoming week. Students have been dressing up and showing their school spirit everyday for the past week in various outfits and costumes as a tradition to get ready for the Homecoming football game and dance. The homecoming week themes were Superhero day, Wacky Tacky day, Disney Day, Western Day and Atomic day.

“This weeks spirit days were really fun, I’m pumped for the football game,” sophomore James Terrell said. For Atomic day each grade showed enthusiasm for their graduating class by dressing alike as a grade. Freshman wore red and sophomores wore white to honor the classic Annandale colors. Juniors painted their faces with face paint while seniors went all out and rocked togas.

“I think it’s so cool how the school comes together on Homecoming week to show their spirit,” Freshman Erika Alwes.

Friday is officially the last day of spirit-packed homecoming week, with the five outfit themed days, the bonfire, and powerpuff football game. The float parade and football game will be on Friday and the Homecoming dance is on Saturday.