STAND Club holds Darfur presentation

“Don’t be a bystander.”

That was the main message of the STAND club presentation during flex on Nov. 18. STAND is a student run organization developed to raise awareness on genocide and how to achieve a more peaceful world. The main theme of the presentation was Darfur, which is a region located in Sudan that is currently in the middle of a genocide.

Darfur is the first genocide of the 21st century and STAND’s presentation was held to educate students and teachers about the parades occurring in Darfur. In 2003 Darfurianese rebels attacked a Sudanese government base in an effort to gain rights for Darfur. The Sudanese government recruited rival tribes in an attempt to wipe out any rebels in Sudan. The armed forces have been wiping out all of Darfur, located in Zamalaya, killing thousands and forcing millions to leave their homes.

STAND showed a power-point presentation and had their club officers speak to emphasize the severity of the situation and the need for people to make a difference. People are encouraged to attend vigils or rallies, donate to relief organizations, educate friends and family and contact local government representatives. STAND is doing a lot to help raise awareness and donate money to the survivors who had to flee Darfur by hosting a benefit march in January and holding “baked” sales.

STAND was created to stand up for people who cant stand up for themselves, and to make a positive impact on the world. Joining STAND will help to bring peace and to hopefully prevent any future genocides from occurring.