Ice storm gives students day off

As if the three day MLK Jr. Day weekend wasn’t enough, an icestorm hit FCPS on Jan. 18, giving the students a 4-day weekend. Although the snow hasn’t piled up in feet like it did last year, the county is expecting some more icey flurries this season.

The weather conditions Monday night were hazardous because of the freezing rain, which created many complications for buses to maneuver around the County. For students, the snow day was a day to relax and to spend time hanging out with friends, without worrying about school.

“I went to my friend’s house for the snow day and we watched movies, played games and made cookies. It was a fun, chill day,” junior Evelyn Jaramillo said.

“I didn’t really do anything except wake up late, watch tv and study for some tests i have coming up,” senior Jenna Balicki said.

As the second quarter comes to a close, teachers aren’t sure if they’ll be prepared for another delay. Delays lead to lack of class time and that’s never good. Some teachers assigned extra homework, homework ahead of time or even had to push back assignment dates.

Although some teachers are worried, History teacher Mike Scott said, “We’re pretty prepared; hopefully we have a back-up plan for work if it snows. We already pushed back some of the work for the ice day. But I guess you could say I’m pro-snow. I’ll take any day off that I can get.”

“I value every moment I have with my dear students,” History teacher Timothy Kelly said. “And a two hour delay doesn’t affect too much time. We teachers are human too, we like days off. I just don’t like to play catch up, but I don’t assign anything extra and I just carry on.”

But will it affect the teachers when they close their gradebooks for the quarter?

“Not a delay but a day off [will affect the end of the quarter],” English teacher Noelle Davis said. “But it won’t really affect the second quarter, because I haven’t closed my gradebook yet.”

“I think we’re gonna get some [snow]. They can just take out flex, it won’t affect the classes that way. It’s not like it’s a red day. If it’s a day off … I’m stressing about missing any IB classes,” English teacher Julia Hanneman said.

With wintry weather in the forecast for tomorrow, are the students as worried as the teachers?

“No I don’t think it’s going to snow tomorrow. If It does I’ll just jump up and down and then be happy to sleep in,” freshman Daniela Senzano said.

“No [yhe snow wouldn’t affect me] because I had a lot of tests today that I got out of the way. Yes, I do want snow and I would love to have a two day week,” junior Caitlin Hill said.

Gym teacher Coach O’Hara says, “All you need to know is that I do have pajamas, and they will be turned inside out,” Physical Education teacher David O’Hara said. “I think it’s gonna be a delay, we just won’t have flex and it won’t even matter.”

So flush some icecubes down the toilet, wear your pajamas inside out and backwards and hope for snow tomorrow!