21 Jump Street is a pleasant surprise


Hollywood may have run out of ideas with every other film being a remake or adaptation for a novel, but while some are quick to cross off the remake of a 1980s classic, 21 Jump Street is worth a spot on your movie list.

Originally a FOX television show with the same plot line, 21 Jump Street was about young cops going under cover in high schools, but the film adaptation a more comedic focus than the show.

It turns out that irresistibly handsome Channing Tatum, who is best known for his roles in romantic comedies and the hilarious and sarcastic Jonah Hill best known for his roles in strictly comedies are a fantastic pair. Together they made the film laugh out loud hilarious from start to finish.

The film begins with Jacob (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) who are both disappointed with the ending of their high school careers, but are optimistic about their future as police officers. After barely making it as cops, both Jacob and Schmidt are more devastated at their jobs as bike officers.

Eager to move up in the chain of command, they witness a drug deal and arrest a man. After failing to Mirandize him, the drug dealer is free to go and the only place left for Jacob and Schmidt to go before termination is 21 Jump Street.

Determined to prove themselves worthy of the badge, they go undercover at a local high school to take down a new synthetic drug that claimed the life a teenage boy.

The movie is too good to wait for a DVD release, Tatum and Hill deliver nonstop laughs that will almost have you wishing for a sequel.