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Community unites against cancer

MYP Coordinator Linda Bradshaw recently received the painful news that her 19 month old son, Tyler, was diagnosed with cancer. The news that changed the family’s life sparked the AHS community into action, launching school-wide efforts to ease the strain on the Bradshaws.

Teachers and students both have donated money to help the family pay off medical bills. As of Friday, June 1, the total amount donated to Bradshaw is $1194.68.

Money has been donated by both teachers and students alike. The English department passed around a jar for donations that students have given hundreds of dollars in donations.

“At this point, my students alone have donated over $240, so I’m pretty proud of my students,” English teacher Stefanie Guffey said. “They’ve done a lot of good.”

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In addition to donating money, different departments have organized different activities to take care of the Bradshaw home, and other two sons.(wording)

“The school has really come through for her,” English teacher Sarita Viloria said.

Teachers, including Guffey and Viloria, have gone to Bradshaw’s home to cook and clean, taking over tasks that can’t be focused on with Tyler in the hospital.

“Well, the school as a whole is making meals for the family,” Guffey said. “I took over a meal on Saturday and talked to Mr. Bradshaw for a little bit, but I believe one department organized cleaning [the house].”

Guffey added that staff members have been trying to find babysitters for the two boys while their parents are in the hospital with their youngest brother.

According to Guffey, Tyler used to suck his thumb for comfort. Since undergoing cancer treatment, he understandably has been sucking his thumb often. However, he has sucked and bit his thumb to an extreme degree, which could cause blistering and more complications. As a result, the doctors have bandaged his thumb. His other measure of comfort, twirling his hair, is also no longer an option since he begins chemo which will cause his hair to fall out.

As part of efforts to comfort the child, Guffey has begun asking her classes for books for Bradshaw to read to Tyler in order to comfort him.

“I asked my honors classes to donate books so Ms. Bradshaw can read books to Tyler in the hospital,” Guffey said.

Senior Alison Ilagan’s parents went through the same experience many years ago, and her family has supported the Bradshaws in many different ways as well.

“My mom told me ‘your teacher is really fortunate because she has a whole school supporting her.’ Students are giving money and making food for her,” Ilagan said. “My parents never had that.”

Support has come in the forms of comforting letters, cards and fundraising events that are still ongoing throughout the school.

“I think that the school has character, and it really supports the staff at difficult times,” Viloria said.

The challenge has united the community together with a single purpose; to support one of their fellow Atoms.

“As a community, I feel as though we have really all come together to take care of this family,” Guffey said.


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Community unites against cancer