Forensics and Debate triumphs

AHS’ first Forensics and Debate team competed in their first competition from 4:15 p.m until 8 p.m on Dec. 19 at Edison HS. The competition was a major success for the fledgling team, with several members receiving awards.

“My goal next competition is to see more students come back with more accomplishments,” sponsor Lynn Beal said.

In the category of Duo Interpretation, AHS won multiple awards. Juniors Doreen Tetteh and Geraldine Hoyos won sixth place, seniors Wisna’Odom Keo II and Jefferey Haber won fifth, seniors Aisha Kamara and Nisha Sarath won third place and junior Christina Tran and senior Paula Alderete won second place. In the category of Impromptu speaking, senior Khadra Said won sixth place.

All award-winners will advance to regionals, which is to be held in January.

During the awards ceremony, the spirit from the team and their fans was explosive, often cheering immediately when the school name was announced.

“The Forensics team spirit was off-the-charts excited,” Beal said. “They were so empowered by their successes and happy about their experiences.

In order to prepare for the Duo Interpretation category, students chose two pieces of literature that fit their personal styles. Then, the students would cut their literature down to a manageable size, which lasted six weeks. Students in Duo Interpretation also interpreted the author’s intent and prepare a presentation that lasted ten minutes or less, and then showcased their presentation to be adjudicated.

Preparation for Impromptu Speaking, a different category, was much different. Because students would not know what subject they would be presenting about until they went inside the classroom, Impromptu was considered a difficult category by many.

The team will competing in its regional competition in January, and invites all members of the AHS community to attend.