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Heritage Night at risk of being canceled

Last year’s Heritage Night ranked in around 500 to 600 tickets, nearly selling out the whole show. The school gains hundreds of dollars from the event every year.

The large cultural student talent showcase event known as Heritage Night normally held in the middle of March may not happen this year. There is currently no sponsor for the event, but attempts are trying to be made to keep the tradition that has become an important part of AHS in representing its diversity.

“We are trying to not cancel it,” Principal Vincent Randazzo said.

There is still a chance that Heritage Night will not be cancelled. One teacher has been interested in being the sponsor, but it will take an estimate of about seven to twelve teachers to help put together all of the details that go into this large scale event.

The threat of Heritage Night being cancelled is not because of poor turnout, lack of participation or financial struggles. Each year, the event gets many students who perform, usually 90 to 100 participants and majority of the tickets are sold, usually 500 to 600 tickets sold.

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“The show is amazing and I have loved being a part of it, but the problem is that it is a lot of work,” former Heritage Night sponsor and ESOL teacher Georgiana Tomisato said.

Tomisato is not hosting Heritage Night this year because she is hosting a Korean middle school teacher throughout the month of January, taking away time for her to devote to the event. She is planning on retiring at the end of this school year and has been trying for the past few years to have another teacher replace her as the sponsor. Also, the theater arts teacher George Bennett, who has helped direct Heritage Night in previous years, is out on medical leave and is unavailable at the moment with producing the event.

“Last year, I literally was staying after still about 8 or 9 every day during February and March working on all of the details of the event,” Tomisato said. “Another teacher has been interested, and were trying to work out the details. Heritage Night might turn into a talent competition show, but we still don’t want to lose that cultural value that comes with the event.”

The show proves successful every year, and many students are discontent with the idea of Heritage Night being cancelled.

“I have been talking with some of my friends and trying to get something going to keep Heritage Night from being cancelled,” last year master of ceremonies (MC) and junior Amelie Trieu said. “I was thinking it could be a CAS project for the IB Diploma candidates to do and maybe the honor societies could get involved as well. A joint effort could really help because it is a lot of work. I spent about 2 to 3 months last year working on the event. However, other efforts are being done to try and keep Heritage Night going, so having Diploma candidates and honor societies hosting it may not happen.”
A committee is trying to be formed to host Heritage Night, but it is still uncertain if the AHS tradition will be held this year or if the event will change at all.

“We just are not fully aware of what is going to happen at the moment,” Tomisato said.

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Heritage Night at risk of being canceled