On-time graduation program being implemented


Senior Kevin Tran is going to be doing the after school remediation for two hours every day until SOL testing in May.

Starting on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 70 seniors who are at risk of not graduating on time will be starting the On-Time graduation program to get them back on track. Students will be given two options to receive their necessary credits: either they can attend remediation for two hours after school or they will complete a CEI (computer enhanced instruction) course online instead of attending their regular core class.

For those students who choose to complete remediation after school, late buses will be available everyday at 5:30 p.m. These late buses will run from Monday through Thursday and will take students only to neighborhoods in Bren Mar Park and the Lincolnia area.

“The focus of the On-Time graduation program is to improve the graduation rate of our current seniors,” Director of Student Services Jennifer Crump-Strawderman said.

The On-Time graduation program is being funded by the county. This is important because some of these seniors have recently immigrated from foreign countries, some have learning disabilities, and some have simply fallen behind over the years.

“[It was a] huge wake up call for me when I was told I was one of the students at risk of not graduating on time,” senior Kevin Tran said. “Deep down I really do need the remediation program at this point to graduate. I didn’t even know I was in that much trouble.”

Students who choose the after school remediation program will be given designated courses of study each week: Monday will be for math, Tuesday for English, Wednesday for science, and Thursday for social studies.

“Students who don’t graduate on time, or who don’t graduate at all have a higher rate of poverty and problems in the community,” Crump-Strawderman said. “I’m hopeful that [at-risk seniors] find the On-Time graduation program beneficial and that their grades will improve.”

For the 30 seniors who decide to take the CEI courses instead of coming after school to remediate, they will complete individual self-pacing courses with computer based lessons, quizzes, and tests. All course work can be completed from the student’s home, but all quizzes and tests must be taken at school in front of a teacher.

“If it works, we will put plans in place to sustain it for future grade levels,” Crump-Strawderman said. “It is a fabulous opportunity for our students and I am hoping they will take advantage of it.”