IB Film Festival gives impressive performance

For the first time in years, a comedy has won the IB Film Festival’s Jury Prize, the top prize in the festival. The Steve and Andy Show, a YouTube comedy show made by two AHS students, Andrew Riddle and Steve Aderton, compiled a handful of their skits together to show the audiences. In 9 categories, 14 films won numerous awards for their work.

“I was really surprised to win. We entered as a joke, but it felt really fulfilling to win something for our efforts,” Riddle said.

“I was surprised, and it was an unexpected and happy moment for us both,” Aderton said.

The show that took most of the prizes of the night was My Friends, the longest film of the night, directed by James Barker. It also won Audience Choice, or most voted to win by the audience.

“I was really happy to win Audience Choice, it was my goal to get the audience to like the film,” Barker said.

After the film festival, all of the juniors and seniors in IB Film Studies are now done with their year.

“I had a good year, there was a bit of procrastination, like they said in the film Procrastination, but it was a fun class,” junior Travis Swann said.

A notable fact for the night was Senior Alex Lash’s performance in 6 films for the night, becoming the most used actor at the event.

“It was kind of weird to see myself on screen again and again and again, but I’m always up to be in a film. I had a lot of fun acting,” Lash said.

The festival itself included many different styles of film, from comedies, to thrillers, and also to documentaries, which added to the variety of the showing.

“I went to last year’s Film Festival, and they didn’t touch on documentaries and we wanted to try it out,” Claudette Pagulayan, co-director of Unspoken Movements said.

The final results took some time between the five judges, Morvarid Behziz, Jamie Carayiannis, Emily Slough, Brian Aldenderfer, and Mary Richardson, but eventually showed The Steve and Andy Show as the victor over the Audience Choice of My Friends and the close runner-up of Final Exam.

“I was honored to be a judge at the film festival,” judge Carayiannis said. “I love going to the festival to watch the films; they’re funny, creative, and draw emotion well.”


The final results from the judges and the audience are:

Jury Prize- The Steve and Andy Show (Steve Aderton, Andy Riddle)

Runner up- Final Exam (Shaun Weber)

Best Cinematography- My Friends (James Barker, Diana Quezada, Stephen Read, Noah Wolfenstein)

Best Screenplay- My Friends (James Barker, Diana Quezada, Stephen Read, Noah Wolfenstein)

Best Editing- Final Exam (Shaun Weber)

Best Actor- Andy Riddle, My Friends

Best Actress- Deanna Gowland, To All Things Left Unsaid

Audience Choice- My Friends (James Barker, Diana Quezada, Stephen Read, Noah Wolfenstein)

Runner up- The Steve and Andy Show (Steve Aderton, Andy Riddle)

Directors Andy Riddle, Steve Aderton, and Jessica Riddle of “The Steve and Andy Show” accept their awards.