Get involved at Clubs

If you’re looking to join a club, chances are you’ll find a club for your interests


GSA sponsor Bethany Singerland stands in front of the rainbow flag, a symbol for equality.

AHS offers a variety of clubs for students to get involved in. Here we have a few of the many clubs at AHS.

Book Club 

Book Club is a long running club at AHS that encourages students to read and have fun as well.

“The club is more about being social and having a good time rather than being academic” club sponsor and head librarian Janet Pfeiffer said, “I want the students to have fun while doing this.”

The club plans to meet 7 times a month and has no requirements, other than reading the books given. Students have a voice in what books they would like to read. There will be an interest meeting on Sept. 25 in the library after school.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student run, faith based group that meets during Atom Time. The purpose of this club is for everyone to meet and share their faith with each other.

“We are a student-run organization, so we normally don’t have adult speakers which allows everyone to freely share their thoughts,” club co-president Carter Britton said.

The FCA meets during Atom Time on Tuesday, everyone is welcome to join, even if they are not an athlete.

JV Math Team

The JV Math Team is looking for students who enjoy math and would like compete for the school.

“Students can join to develop math skills and compete,” geometry teacher Leonida Gibson said.

The meetings are in the cafeteria once a month.

“It’s a contest that involves students countywide,” Gibson said. “We won two times last year.”

Feminist Club

If you are against domestic violence and an advocate of women rights then the Feminist Club is the best choice for you. ESOL teacher Catherine Mounteer has been sponsoring the club for the past four years.

“The Feminist Club has been focusing on promoting education for girls overseas,” Mounteer said, “The goal of our club is to educate the students [at AHS] about the condition of women around the world.”

The club is open to everyone. The Club meets on Tuesdays, at 2:15 p.m. in T6.

Just World Interact

Just World Interact is an activist club whose purpose is to raise awareness about global social justice. Throughout the year they host large awareness events, such as the annual Just World Festival, Green Festival and participate in events such as Global Citizens Corps, Relay for Life and Learn-Serve. Their goal is to increase their impact and lead a larger population of students.

“The clubs mission has always been to encourage teenagers, especially at AHS, to be involved with world causes.” club sponsor Jan Kamide said.

There will be an interest meeting on Sept. 26, in room 289B at 2:20pm.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is one of the most popular clubs at AHS. The club simulates real United Nation committees which involves role-playing delegates of different countries while discussing real issues going on in the world.

“Students research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems.” club sponsor Catharine Bishop said.

Meetings for this Model U.N. are held on Wednesday afternoons once a month. Their first meeting will be on Sept. 25 at 2:15 p.m. in room 298.

Gay-Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a club that promotes equality and acceptance of everyone, despite sexuality. The goal of the club is to promote equality, and stop discrimination based on sexuality or gender preference.

The club sponsors the annual Day of Silence, which is meant to bring awareness to the thousands of kids who remain silent due to bullying and harassment they face. Last year over 200 AHS students participated in the Day of Silence.

They also sell rainbow ribbons all year long. Rainbows are the symbol of equality, and are meant to be placed on backpacks to show support for eqaulity

The GSA meets after school on Wednesdays in T-6.

Art Club

Art Club is a group of student artists who meet once a month to make fun art projects and work on murals around the school. Since many students can’t fit art into their schedule, art teacher Suellen Merlo decided to start the club.

“Since they can’t take it during the day as an elective, we’d like them to have a little art in their life,” Merlo said. “We do it after school so they have a little taste of what we do here during the day.”

The main reason they started art club was to give students a chance to use their imagination and be creative. Art Club and Art Honors Society meet the first Tuesday of each month in art room 344.

Animal Activists 

The Animal Activists Club is currently sponsored by math teacher Allie Wheeler. This club focuses on raising money to help animals without homes.

The club would hold bake sales to raise money, and would regularly volunteer at Pet Smart.

As of right now, the club has no members. They would really like to get more members to raise awareness of the club. “I’m extremely interested in recruiting members that are underclassmen and upperclassmen,” said Ms. Wheeler. Getting more members from all grades would help keep the club going, even after students graduate.

The students in the club would advertise it by having a Twitter and Facebook account, and also by being on the morning announcements and talking about the club. They hope to get more members for the future.

Complied by: Sabrina Hawa, Ben Le, Nancy Evora,  Tara El-Achi, Luka Fernandez,  Soulisa Path, Hussein Salem.