Preview to Black History Bowl


“Which African- American founded the Tuskeegee Institute?”

If you answered Booker T. Washington, than you are one of many students who should participate in the Black History Bowl.

Hosted by the BCAA, or Black Cultural Awareness Association, the Black History Bowl is an annual event created to celebrate Black History month while raising awareness of the importance and impact of African-Americans.

“The bowl creates an awareness of history and culture, and the importance of the bowl is to deal with some of those stereotypes that say that African Americans are just interested or able to do certain things and not others,” BCAA sponsor Kathlyn Berry said.

“[They]show the broad pictures of not only contributions but experiences and how African Americans have contributed to American life and culture and society.”

According to Berry, the goal of the bowl, as well as gaining student interest in the topic,is to teach African- AMerican history in a fun way.

“There are people that don’t know what we’ve done in other areas of academics,” event organizer senior Marilyn Quist said.

“There are people that have done things in math and science (other than George Washington Carver). There is more to it and [we] want to let people know.”

The Black History Bowl consists of four teams, one form each grade, and a teacher sponsor. Members of the BCAA work together to create questions, as well as a study packet for the event.

“Since we are the sponsors the bowl we basically plan everything out for the bowl ranging from The sponsors for each class, to categories and what questions, what kind of questions can be asked,” Quist said.

“Right now we are still in the process of doing that. There is also the contestants, and them getting packets to learn from.”

During the bowl, various questions are asked to the teams, and whoever rings the buzzer first and answers correctly gains points for their team.

The Black History Bowl will take place in the auditorium on Feb. 20 during extended W4.