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Tips for a healthy school-life balance

Every student has something else in their life that they do besides school. Students that are in sports, clubs, other extracurriculars, or even just taking on responsibilities at home can have a hard time balancing their schedule. 

Not knowing how to balance your school life can add unneeded stress, which can affect your mental health. According to a study done by PEW Research, 61% of teens in the U.S. feel stressed from trying to get good grades. 

 With that in mind here are some tips to help you balance your school life.

Managing Time 

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Balancing school and work can cause stress. To manage time better, create a schedule using tools like Google calendars or planners. Prioritize tasks and set reminders to avoid forgetting important tasks. This helps in achieving daily goals and reducing stress.

“I find setting reminders on my phone helpful because during the week with everything going on I can sometimes forget things, so the reminders help me remember and get things done on time” said sophomore Kate Hanlen 

Getting organized

Balancing school requires organization, updating schedules, minimizing distractions, as well as organizing materials, space, and things like homework. Minimizing distractions like isolating, turning off phones, and finding quiet spaces can help manage tasks and ensure a smoother future.

“When I have a schedule I know what time I need to set aside for school and what time I can use for other activities” said sophomore Kathleen Tran “it helps balance my day out by knowing what I can and can’t do”


Balancing school requires self-care, including daytime relaxation and adequate sleep (8-10 hours). exercising regularly whether you’re going to the gym or just for a walk. maintaining a healthy diet, which improves your mental health and ability to focus. Spending time with friends and family can help reduce stress and bring you closer to others.

“The gym can help reduce stress and balance your life because it gives you something to look forward to and it can help you feel better about yourself,” said sophomore Thomas Neilds.

Asking For Help

Sometimes trying to balance school and everything else can be a lot and you can’t always do it by yourself. Ask for help when you need it, you can ask a teacher, parent, or your friends. You can ask for help about anything whether that’s for homework, extra studying, or even support.  You can make your life a lot easier by just asking for help and can take a little bit of stress away by asking. 

Trying to balance your school life can be difficult and can require work but finding the tips and tools to help with it can benefit you a lot. With the tips listed above it can help reduce stress, anxiety and overall just make your life easier.

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Sophia Sewall, Staff Writer
Sophomore Sophia Sewall is starting her first year of journalism as a staff writer. She plays varsity golf and softball for Annandale. She likes to listen to music, watch movies, and go to the gym. She loves to spend time with friends and plans to join Special Olympics and Girls Up this year.

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