Orchestra holds new fundraisers


Ricky Lam

Rice pot fundraiser flyer.

The AHS orchestra will be holding new fundraisers this year to raise money for musical instruments and to fund the future Orchestra trip on April 9-11 to Boston, Massachusetts.

The first fundraiser will be held at a chinese restaurant, Rice Pot on Backlick Road. The fundraiser will be held from Sept. 15-19. Students and families will be able to stop by anytime for lunch or dinner. 15 percent of the proceeds will go towards orchestra to help accumulate more money to be spent on the expensive costs of running a year long program.

“It is the easiest fundraiser ever,” orchestra instructor Angela Ammerman said.

Fundraisers run throughout the whole school year and the money is used for new strings for  instruments, shoulder rests, which is a cushion between the violin and rockstops, which stops bigger instruments from sliding on the floor.

“We are buying one cello right now and we are working a new one because our cellos are really bad,” Ammerman said.

The orchestra wants to try new fundraisers events. They plan on keeping Tutti Fruitti open until 11pm, after the annual orchestra masquerade concert, so students and families are able to get frozen yogurt late at night. Again, 15 percent of the proceeds will go towards the orchestra.

While they welcome the new fundraisers, old fundraisers that are commonly done such as the catalog sales, which give orchestra the opportunity to showcase their marketing skills to sell foods and other items such as magazine subscriptions and treats, will still be used throughout the year.

The Orchestra is also holding car washes for the orchestra to gain money as well.

“They’re gonna be very successful because the orchestra students want money and they’ll have to get it through fundraisers,” said senior Alex Parrado.

This school year, orchestra will keep in mind that the fundraisers are easy to participate in.

“They are just restaurant fundraisers that are easy to do and they kind of encourage communities and encourage the students to get together,” Ammerman said.

The previous year the orchestra raised around 800 dollars solely from a Chipotle fundraiser. In total, orchestra made roughly 8000 dollars.

“I think that is approximately how much we end up fundraising in one year,” Ammerman said.

The music department has several expenses and they differ from each program.

“Band, they raise so much money, but we don’t have as many as expenses as them either,” Ammerman said.

Grand results are not expected, but there are expectations about the amount of money raised.

“From this one, I don’t know, I am not expecting a lot. If we come out with 500 [dollars], I will be very pleased. I think 500 is pretty acceptable, especially because it doesn’t require for any of us to do any work,” Ammerman said. “We are just promoting the restaurant and we go out to eat and enjoy eachothers’ company.”