Filament Coffee House postponed


Entering the coffee house, guests and performers meet a warm and mellow atmosphere. The Coffee House is set up to focus on the performer with a short center stage and all refreshments in the back of the room. White lights are strung up and round tables are placed around the room.

However, this event has been moved to a later date because Filament was not able to make enough preparations to be able to talk to students about performing and advertise the coffee house.

“The coffee house has been delayed until April 15 due to the frequent snow days in the past few weeks. This will give people more time to prepare for auditions if need be, and it will give us more time to advertise,” Filament editor-in-chief Sabrina Rivera said.

Students are encouraged to come out and support their fellow peers on April 15 in Clausen Hall from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. The Filament submission forms have been released, and students interested can submit their art, photography or literature by April 10.

Filament is beginning to finalize and complete preparations for the upcoming Coffee House fundraiser. Auditions to be able to perform in this event will begin on March 30 and 31. If a student is chosen to be a part of the coffee house, they have the option to present/perform a talent involving art, photography, poetry, fiction, prose and music.

Filament’s goal is to create a warm and mellow atmosphere for all individuals attending the event.

With this extra time on their hands, students involved in the event are working even harder to get preparations in place. Some students are making flyers, while others prepare to hold the upcoming auditions.

“When we prepare, we contact Beanetics for Coffee and have members sign up for individual jobs, such as selling tickets, baking goods, ushering and setting up tables and decorations,” Rivera said.

Events such as this give students the opportunity to express themselves and display their talents. “I am going to be performing with E Heights , and I’m also doing a solo,” junior Leif Jomaud said. “I am spending a lot of time practicing so I can be ready to perform.”

Students are offered a variety of topics that they can explore and display at the event. There is anticipation to see students perform from the club.

“What I like about Coffee house is that I get to see my fellow students perform,”  Rivera said, “I know that many people have literary or musical talent, but not everyone performs at school or gets the chance to share their poetry. So what I really enjoy is that I get to see the creativity and talent that students are willing to express and show off at Coffee house.”

Students involved hope to raise money for the Filament’s magazine and host a marvelous event. The overall purpose for every coffee house is to raise enough money to host their annual Filament magazine. It also gives students a chance to showcase their talents that they would not be able to do outside of school, or it gives them a chance to perform in front of a familiar audience.

Each year there are two Coffee Houses held, the first Coffee House was held in the fall.

“For the fall Coffee House, we held two auditions, and the staff of the Filament did a phenomenal job of marketing, preparing baked goods and decorating Clausen hall for the event,” sponsor and English teacher, Fusun Sulzbach said. “A popular DC poet, Joseph Green, was our guest poet, inspiring many young budding poets desire to establish AHS’s first poetry club,”