Boys prepare for Peach Fuzz



Seniors Erin Johnson and Kaitlyn Cook make a reappearance.

Leadership has decided to include faculty members and teachers in this year’s Peach Fuzz game which usually allows only juniors and seniors. The game is widely anticipated because girls get to lead a volleyball team instead of participating in one.

The senior coaches are Erin Johnson, Moesha Fares and Kaitlyn Cook.

The junior coaches are Brooke Thadeus, Ruth Tiguh and Symone Jenkins.

Peach Fuzz is another version of Powder Puff in which juniors and seniors go against each other. However, unlike Power Puff, there are no freshmen or sophomore teams. There is a 12 player maximum.

The juniors will have 12 players, and seniors have nine players overall. Every team has three coaches each, pushing their teams to victory.

The big game will be held on April 29 at 2:30 p.m. and will be welcome to all. Practices are on Tuesday, April 21, Thursday, April 23 and Monday, April 27.

Some people are looking forward to watching the game, and the players are excited to part take in this game. Not only will winning the game build up the pride in each player, but also build up pride in the class.

“I feel excited on playing and I think it will be fun. The outcome will be that 2016 will come out with the ‘W’ ,” junior Davian Gonzalez said.

“I am playing because I want to represent my class,” junior Temesgan Awoke said.

The coaches are looking forward to leading their teams to victory. They are motivated to practice as much as they can so they can win.

“We’re pretty excited and pumped for the event because it’s a junior filled committee so we can show A-Town what we are capable of,” junior Eden Mesfin said.

Some people are excited to see how the teacher team will fare in this tournament.

“We’ve added a teacher team and made it like a tournament so whoever wins the first round advances and takes a shot at beating the team of teachers,” junior Molly Gormley said.

Senior coaches are enthusiastic about the game since they are now the ones leading the boys instead of them playing themselves.

“I like coaching because it’s a sport I love to play and I love when others enjoy playing as well. It’s fun to see my peers participate in something that’s played a large part in my life for the past five years,” Cook said.

Seniors representing Class of 2015 have things to say about the game.

“Well, since it’s my second year playing, I really want to win because we lost last year. I’m playing because it’s fun to represent your class in any way possible,” senior Kevin Rivas said.

Most of the boys who are participating in the Peach Fuzz tournament have already played sports, therefore they have the agility and ability to commit to the team.

“I am just an athlete and as an athlete you got to show off your talents so I might as well go all out and do it for my class,” senior Akim Bangura said.