Powderpuff approaches quickly for Annandale students

As Annandale rolls into fall festivities, the annual powderpuff game is rapidly approaching. The game, planned and organized by the leadership classes, will be played during this year’s homecoming week on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Powerpuff is a greatly anticipated event at Annandale and for the second consecutive year all classes will be able to participate, not just upperclassmen. Each class will have its own team, coaches and cheerleaders. Teams will be selected based on when hopeful players sign up. Positions on the team are given out on a first come first serve basis, and the same goes for coaches and cheerleaders.

“I love powderpuff because it is really fun to play with everyone,” junior Tehya Moss said. “It’s also very competitive which just makes it more enjoyable and it’s a great way to show school spirit.”

Powderpuff also gives students a chance to meet and play with students that they may not otherwise talk to.

“I met a lot of new and fun people last year on the team and that made the experience even better,” Moss said.

Each team meets and practices to prepare for the game day tourney where the competition will be tough.

Although powderpuff may be a played by girls, guys also have an opportunity to participate by either coaching or cheerleading. There are limited coaching positions and those usually fill up quickly, but the cheerleader positions are plentiful and equally as fun. The cheerleaders practice and prepare for a halftime dance and are equally as entertaining to watch as the game itself.