New opportunities special education students

Students collect cans for families in need

Clearing the stands, and gathering in circles, guitar classes are getting together with special needs students to make music and make a difference.
Mr.Kee, Guitar teacher at AHS, has been teaching special needs students how to play different musical instruments.These lessons have been going on for years, but this year special needs students are given the chance to do more than before.These students have the opportunity to learn how to play many different instruments like the drums and one-stringed instruments that play different melodies.
 The special needs students come into the guitar classes a couple times a month where they have been practicing with students in his other guitar classes. Out of about 42 of the special needs students he gives lessons too, about five or six of them already have prior knowledge on how to play an instrument or about musical notes.
Mr. Kee has the special needs students come into his classes and merge with his other students in different guitar levels. His highest level guitar class, Guitar Ensemble, gets the opportunity to work with the special needs students and work on different pieces of music together. This year, the special needs students are even getting the opportunity to perform the Star Spangled Banner for the school board.
Principal Tim Thomas is even working on getting the students matching t-shirts so they can feel even more united. When asked about how the idea started Mr.Kee said, “I talked with the guidance department and special needs teachers. It just kind of all worked out.”
Just like some guitar students build instruments for MYP projects, the special needs students will be given the chance to build instruments of their own. They will be able to build different types of instruments such as shakers, box-shaped instruments, and drums. These lessons give non-special needs students and special needs students the opportunity to bond over something they both enjoy: music.