NHS Induction Ceremony

National Honor Society had their annual inductions this year on Monday, Nov. 30. Inductions are one night in the year where all accepted applicants, known as inductees, become members of the club. At the induction, the officers and the principal speak about the club and the commitment, the new members sign their names in the registry and say the club pledge. After the induction ceremony, the students are officially members. The induction ceremony is required to be in the club.

“My hope is that my members, both old and new, continue to make a difference in their community and in the school,” NHS sponsor Casey Grandy said.”They can tutor, organize events and volunteer. They exemplify what it means to show Atom pride and are good role models for other students at the school.”

National Honor Society works to do service projects within the Annandale community. For example, last year they wrote letters to troops overseas, organized teacher and custodial appreciation week and ran donation drives throughout the year. The members of the club work to be role models and leaders in society through service. It is required that they do 10 hours of community service and 10 hours of tutoring to stay in the club. The society meets once a month.

“NHS is a wonderful experience,” senior NHS president Rebecca Soulen said. “I joined as a sophomore, and I learned a lot from the older kids in the club, like how they balanced their various time commitments and to learn about the community service given to you by the club. As a junior I enjoyed participating in our service projects to appreciate people who helps us, such as teachers and the troops. This year I am the president of the club and I’m hoping to expand the outreach of the club in the Annandale community and increase its presence.”

NHS wants applicants that have executive positions in other clubs, tutor others or are already involved with sports. They look for students who demonstrate leadership and service. The application consists of an activity sheet and an essay about character.

“While applying, I had to gather all of my activities and volunteer work in order to create my resume,” junior Julia Sheehy said. ”That was a new experience for me.”

To apply to be in NHS students must be sophomores or above. Students must have a cumulative 3.5 GPA to be accepted. The application process takes place in October.