FAFSA completion workshop

AHS holds event to assist seniors in filling out financial aid forms

FAFSA completion workshop

With all of the college acceptance letters rolling in, many seniors may be facing a new obstacle: financial aid. On Saturday, January 30, from 9-12 noon, a FAFSA completion workshop will be held in the AHS library.

This financial aid event is open only to seniors; however, there are financial aid information nights throughout the year.

“I suggest that all seniors who are going to go to college or planning to attend any kind of school or training after highschool, that they probably will need financial aid,” Career Center Specialist Robin Roth said. “This is the key to any financial aid.”

Many student who apply to college each year have to apply for financial aid, and as the price of college rises so does the number of students applying for aid. FAFSA, the Free Application for Student Federal Aid is an office of the U.S. Department of Education and is assisting student nationwide with their college apps.

“I am attending the FAFSA meeting so that I will know how to apply for financial aid,” said senior Fernando Arrazola “I want to make sure that I get that FAFSA money so going to the meeting is a secure way of doing it.”

FAFSA has over 1,200 employees who are dedicated to helping young dedicated minds make college affordable. The organization provides over $150 billion in federal grants, loans and work-study funds each year to over 13 million students across the nation.

Because financial aid is based mainly on parent’s yearly income, each student in need of financial aid must  apply every year for renewed financial aid.

The National Federal Aid deadline for this year is June 30 and all FAFSA web applications must be submitted by or before midnight on June 30, Central Standard Time. However, some states and colleges may also have financial aid deadlines prior to June 30.

See Robin Roth at the Career Center for more information on how to prepare for the workshop.