Heritage Night

Students from different parts of the world come together to showcase their unique culture as well as to learn about others’ at Heritage Night. Heritage Night will be on March 17 in the auditorium and is a chance to experience and learn about other cultures in an interesting and engaging way.

This distinctive night is a chance for our diverse student body to show off their cultures and to meet people that they can have a connection with that they wouldn’t otherwise be introduced to.

“It’s a great way to embrace and learn about your culture and meet new people,” senior Rida Fatima said. “I can’t wait until my group performs.”

Formal auditions for the performances will be held today, Feb. 24, in the Auditorium. Auditions give the supervisor, Whitney Hardy, a chance to see and comment on the performances before they take the stage in March.

“We are looking for groups [at auditions] that know what they are doing and that are entertaining,” Hardy said.

Groups for Heritage Night are constructed based off of the country or culture that is being represented and then practices for the performances are planned. Practices are coordinated by each group individually, so they are usually flexible and planned around the schedules of the performers and when most of them can attend.

“Practices are really fun,” junior Fatmata Kamara said. “I like the fact that we [my group] are all comfortable with each other so it is easy to share different ideas.”

Heritage Night has been a tradition at AHS for years and never ceases to attract new faces and talents. The newcomers that come to the stage each year are a large portion of what makes Heritage Night such a strong tradition.

“I went to it last year and I really liked the performances so I decided to do it this year to embrace my culture and enjoy senior year. It is my last year so why not?” Fatima said.

The large ethnic population at Annandale, which is one of the reasons why Heritage Night is such a success, gives students a chance to display their unique and flourishing culture with everyone else.

“I chose to participate in Heritage Night because I am Indian and there’s such a rich culture that we have to show,” senior Aditya Chaturvedi said.

Last year’s Heritage Night was a huge success, almost completely selling out and so many are looking forward to this years with the same anticipation.

“I’m super excited to see the kids that came out last year for it because last year was the most successful Heritage Night we have had in a long time,” Hardy said. “I am also really excited to see all the new groups that I haven’t seen yet and to see the kids’ creativity and just really looking forward to another good year.”

People attend and perform in Heritage Night for a plethora of reasons, whether it be to learn something new or to promote their personal culture.

“I like the way other cultures are shown, and we get to know more about them and their dances. We also get to see people and their special talents,” Chaturvedi said

“I joined because I love dancing and I wanna share my culture with others, so that they can feel the same way,” Kamara said.

For students looking to participate in a performance, excessive talent isn’t needed. It’s more about having fun and displaying traditions rather than ability and giving a perfect performance.

“I have danced at my uncle’s wedding but that is the only experience I have had in three years,” Fatima said.“I am a little bit nervous and excited because I don’t know how good of a dancer I am, but I am also excited because it gives me a chance to make new friends.”