Spring Pep Rally cancelled


With the spring sports season starting, AHS looks forward to it’s seasonal pep rally. Filled with relay races, games and fun activities, the pep rally is getting both students and spring athletes excited for the upcoming season.

The AHS leadership works hard throughout the year to put on these pep rallies, making sure they are fun for all while bringing the school together at the same time.

While some spring sport varsity athletes have been looking forward to the event all year, they were disappointed to find out only two weeks before the actual event that it has been canceled.

With the amount of snow days taken and the amount of learning time lost, the combination was what convinced the administration to take away the event.

“Due to the number of missed white days, administration made the decision to cancel the pep rally to protect instructional time for teachers and the students,” Leadership president, senior Marem Atef said.

The pep rally takes place during W4, a class where students have the opportunity to work on homework or do work with a teacher, so the administration thinks that the time could be put to better use by eliminating the pep rally. While many students are frustrated with the cancellation of the event, others say that they prefer that W4 can be used to do their assignments.

“I think it’s better that the pep rally is canceled. With the pep rally being canceled, I have more time to work on my school work,” sophomore Michelle Akl said.

For other students though, this isn’t the case. Many varsity athletes feel that by canceling the pep rally, they are also taking away the recognition the athletes feel they worked hard to deserve over the years.

“I am upset to hear that pep rally is no longer happening because I feel the athletes put a lot of effort into their sport and deserve to be recognized for that,” girls’ varsity lacrosse player, senior Lina Osman says.

Another frustration students face about the pep rally being canceled is how short notice the cancellation was.

“If we had known the pep rally was going to be canceled farther in advance, we wouldn’t be as upset. We’d understand the decision,” Atef said.

Although the athletes will not be getting recognized at a pep rally, AHS leadership is making sure to recognize these athletes at the battle of the classes that takes place on Mar. 29.