Senior Superlative nominations are here

This year’s senior superlative nominees have been announced and final results will come March 17. Senior superlatives is when seniors vote on classmates who best fit different categories. It’s a time where fellow classmates can exaggerate or give hyperbolic expressions of praise.

This year the superlatives were on google form. Students copied a URL in the search engine, then they had to sign in using their student ID. After this process, they could vote for senior superlatives.

“The editors and Mrs. Hanneman count them with the help of Alex [Zernik],” Hall said.

There are many people who feel that the senior superlatives are not accurate. They perceive that many of the nominees are voted upon just because of their popularity.

“I think most of the nominees were accurate, but some weren’t. A lot of people like to joke around with them, so some of the answers are really funny,” AHS Yearbook organizer Jennifer Hall said.

There are a lot of categories for this year’s superlatives, some of the categories include common ones like: best dressed, best social media presence, most spirited, class clown, best lookalike, most sleep deprived, best to take home to your parents and most athletic.

Some of the nominees include: Hasham Washimi and Yocias who were nominated for class clown, David Park as best male look alike, and Julie Swenton for best female look alike.

“We choose the categories pretty much based on what they’ve always been, give or take a few,” Hall said.