Band organizes trip to Chicago

The concert band, symphonic band and wind ensemble will be preparing themselves to leave on their spring trip that night to go to Chicago Illinois on a long 12 hour bus ride from our parking lot on April 20. The purpose of this field trip is to visit numerous sites and to visit professional orchestra players.

The AHS band will perform to a group of professionals inside of a music clinic with a college band director, after which they will be judged and given pointers which will help them improve for the future.

“I cannot wait to go and explore Chicago, I think it will be an awesome experience to go and explore with my friends and to get advice from professionals,” junior Toby Singh said.

Many students from the AHS band are excited to go enjoy Chicago and get some advice on how to improve.

“I’ve never been there before and I think it’ll be a really cool first time experience there,” junior George Moya said. “And I get to spend it with friends which makes it even better.”

Chicago will have exciting tourist locations for our AHS band to visit, a variety of tourist attractions and learn more about their instruments from university professors.

“We plan to visit many of the city’s tourist attractions, some exploration and clinic studies from university professors and professional orchestra members,” junior Daniel Interiano said. “I’m excited to play First Suite in Eb (b=flat) by Gustav Holst cause we’ve played it before in a previous band concert and the piece itself is energetic and moving.”

The Band will return the following Sunday that week on April 24. Hopefully the AHS band will have enough time to have fun and have the best experience they can have in those short four days.