Boys volleyball fundraiser planned

The annual Peach Fuzz event will resume once again on Wednesday, April 27 from 3:10- 4:30 p.m. The event is hosted by Leadership and it leads up to the battle of the classes on the following Friday. Tickets will be sold at the door  for $2 and will be sold at all lunches between April 25-27.

Peach Fuzz is a volleyball game that pits junior and senior boys against each other. The game consists of three rounds each lasting 10-15 minutes, while the third and final round determines who move on and play the faculty team for the title of Peach Fuzz champion.

Each team consists of 12 players, with six playing on the court. The objective of the game is to win and be named champions of Peach Fuzz 2016. The winners of course get bragging rights but they also get a trophy and sash for their victory.

Each team has three coaches who will help the boys team create different plays for the game. The coaches are girls varsity volleyball members and enjoy a different way to participate in the game. The senior boys have an advantage because they have returning coaches Symone Jenkins and Ruth Tiguh with a new addition to their coaching team, Almaz Abedje. The junior coaches consist of Katie Garrish, Lucie Lefbom and Maddy McCrossin.

In order to encourage more people to come to watch their fellow classmates compete, Leadership is having a raffle during intermission and everyone is automatically put into when they buy their ticket. During intermission students can win different prizes like gift cards to different restaurants or electronics from the raffle. Also, different prizes are going to be thrown into the crowd while the game is being played.

Not only are the Peach Fuzz event planners promoting the prizes to encourage people to come but they are also encouraging people to come based on how competitive  the class of 2016 and 2017 will be during the game.

“I feel as this year Peach Fuzz game will be more competitive than the previous year before based on the returning and new players, Peach Fuzz committee advisor junior Tehya Moss said.

Come watch the game after school on April 27 in the downstairs gym to find out who will be crowned Peach Fuzz champion of 2016.