AHS holds blood drive

Atoms Red Cross plans on holding its second blood drive of the school year, on Thursday, Mar. 10. Red Cross creates two blood drives a year and has been encouraging students who meet the donation requirements to donate and make a difference.

The last blood drive on Oct. 21, 2015 was a huge success as Red Cross collected over 41 pints of blood which was able to save over 117 lives, and this time they plan on doing the same because the club has gotten donors scheduled for every time slot. This year, with the amount of sign ups, filling up all 60 time slots, Red Cross hopes to save over 130 lives.

When planning on holding a blood drive, the school and Red Cross need to coordinate through the mandatory paperwork in order to confirm the blood drive availability.

“Even after all the work; holding a blood drive is very satisfying because you know you are making a real difference,” Red Cross President Abdul Noor said.

Red Cross gave out ads to inform people about the blood drive and Atoms showed their leadership qualities when signing up. Red Cross members have also volunteered to welcome and assist donors throughout the blood drive.

“I think this blood drive will go well,” Atoms Red Cross sponsor Jessica Klein said. “We know what to expect this time and we’re hoping to involve next year’s leadership so they are prepared for the blood drives in the future.”