Athlete of the month: Grant Thompson


Thompson take batting practice before a game.

Q: What do you think of your success so far this year?

I have got to owe it to my team. It’s all about the wins we have. We are going to the playoffs and looking to do well, so the success is based on how we do in the next weeks to come.

Q: How do you contribute to your team?

I try to play the game aggressively. If there is a high risk, high reward situation I will take advantage of the situation and hopefully be rewarded.

Q:  How do you provide leadership to your team?

I try to keep the players’ minds fresh. Every play is a new play. Losses are part of the game so we just try to learn from our mistakes and get better as we go on. You can’t get down on yourself and you always have to keep your head up. Whenever someone makes a mistake, it’s important to pick your team mates back up and expect the same from them. Baseball is a head game, so you have to stay mentally prepared, you can’t think about the previous play because it will affect your performance throughout the rest of the game.

Q: How far do you think you will go in the playoffs?

It’s a guarantee that we will make it to regionals. We have to focus one round at a time and try to learn as we go. When it comes to play offs, it’s a whole different mentality. The pace of the game is more strategic.

Q: Who has helped you improve your athletic skills?

I would say my coahces. Over the years, they have shaped me into the player that I am today. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have invested so much time into baseball. Because of them, all my hard work has paid off, for example: going to the next level and playing collegiate baseball.

Q:How have you stepped up amidst your team’s struggles?

We had a couple injuries through the season, so it definitely made me step up as a player. Most of the injuries haven’t been serious. So as a team we have been picking eachother up. We have played through our minor injuries and grinded it out. It’s Annandale, so we have to work for the things we get.

Q: How do you balance sports and school work?

Between school, practicing, and working out in the gym, I would have to say it is hard, but I try to get all my classwork done in school because I would have to say I dedicate about five hours just to baseball because it is all about the grind.

Q: How do you think you stand out as a player?

I do not think players stand out. It is all about the team so if individuals stand out then your team will look tough  with all the talent shown on the field.