Girls basketball hosts summer basketball camp

The girls basketball team is hosting a camp on July 13-17.  This will be a good camp for athletes and younger kids that want to become more knowledgeable in the game of basketball.

The players think it will be a good idea for future athletes that are coming to AHS to get the experience of high school basketball.

“It is a good way for learning and improving your skills while having a lot of fun with the other people that go to the camp, you also get to meet our team [girls basketball],” senior Katie Pacak said.

With all the hard work to come during the camp, the coaches have a positive attitude and think this years camp will be one of the better ones they have had.

“Fun fun fun. Prizes everyday, drills, skill development, and games everyday of the camp. Guaranteed fun if you come to the camp,” Pacak said.

The team will try and focus on skills that all age groups can comprehend but at the same time the team will try and bring the intensity and skill level of a high school basketball team.

The camp is a fun activity girls can attend every summer. It is a good way to exercise, prepare for their upcoming seasons, and have fun.

“I started going to camps when I was in elementary school and always looked forward to it   every year.” Pacak said. “Working with the high school girls was inspiring to me and made me motivated to keep on playing and work on my game. Coach Brown makes it a fun environment.”

The lady atoms are hoping to have a great turnout this summer at the camps and think it is a good learning experience for those athletes that want to excel in the game of basketball.